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C3 Capital is a leading, highly diversified private financing and investment firm. C3 combines over 150 years of operational experience with specialized expertise across a wide range of investment opportunities in private lending and real estate.

What Our Clients Are Saying
Greg GoertzenGreg GoertzenGoertzen Homes
ABP Capital is fast, easy to work with, but most importantly they look at properties in a unique way. They provide the same, or often better, rates than other private investors, but they bring value to the table with their real estate and construction background. I love working with ABP Capital because they are not only good people, they get things done.
Jim LackeyJim LackeyJim Lackey Associates
ABP Capital is the real deal. Mike and his team are a sophisticated operation and can calculate the value of a deal quickly and with certainty. Partnering with ABP means I can do any size deal, and even if a bank could fund a loan, many of my clients have told me they will never sign a personal guarantee again
Michael KellyMichael KellyKelly Capital
I knew ABP Capital was a great company when Mike gave me advice on a property that he had no investment in that earned me $1,000,000. Since that advice, I've done many deals with ABP and each time their solid team of underwriters and accountants has produced excellent results.
 Gary Goss Gary GossDTZ
ABP Capital truly understands the immense diversity of projects and can quickly understand the value of a deal. Their ability to move at lightning-speed makes them my preferred lender for complex deals.
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