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The industry’s leading private financing company

C3 Capital, LLC is an affiliate of ABP Capital and is located in Encinitas, CA. C3 is an industry leading investment company specializing in real estate and private lending throughout the state of California. C3 was formed with a vision to deploy over 150 years of combined experience in a variety of industries and foster a top-tier team that would grow into a leading financial services firm. We bring capital, expertise, and creativity to every situation and have a proven history of success working with complex transactions.

C3 Capital features flexibility, certainty and fast closings as a result of our unique, owner-provided, capital structure. Investments range from $1 million to $100 million and higher in certain circumstances. C3 Capital is adept at evaluating investments on an accelerated time frame to meet the objectives of sellers, partners and lenders.

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Company Overview
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Capital Investments to Date$ 422,289,285